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Liposomes Improve Delivery and Efficacy of Skin Care Products

“This study shows that Liposomal Blend is a vehicle with the ability to enhance the [...]

Novel Preparation and Analysis of Liposomal NMN

The study developed a novel microfluidic approach to co-encapsulate NMN and an anticancer drug, honokiol [...]

High-Dose NR is Safe & Does Not Deplete Methyl Pools in PD Trial

This study evaluated the safety and effects of high-dose (3,000 mg) Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) supplementation [...]

Clinical Trial Fails to Find Significant Benefit of NR in Adults with MCI

This study showed that NR (1 g/day) for 10 weeks is safe in adults with [...]

Advancements in NAD+ Research

New research on NAD+ metabolism, NMN supplementation, and mitochondrial NAD+ levels was presented at the [...]

Efficacy and Safety of NAD+ Precursors in Clinical Trials

A recent systematic review evaluated ten studies with NAD+ precursors for efficacy and safety.

NMN Enhanced HIV-1 Therapy in Mice

“Results from the humanized mouse study demonstrated that NMN treatment could improve the therapeutic effect [...]

Health Conditions Linked to NAD+ Decline

Many diseases and biological stressors disrupt NAD+ metabolism and are associated with low levels of [...]