600 mg of NMN Improves Endurance In People Aged 40-65

A study published on April 11, 2022 claims that 600 mg of NMN improves strength, well-being and the biological age in people aged 40-65.

Note this is a pre-print of the paper that is pending peer review, so might change. We think the findings on increased endurance were convincing, but the evidence about biological age and well-being was questionable and needs further explanation in peer-review.

The Study’s Key Findings Were:

  • 470% increase in NAD+
  • 50% improvement in distance walked in 6 minutes
  • 15% improvement in well being, measured by sf-36 standard
  • 26% improvement in biological age vs placebo

According to the authors:

“This study confirms NMN supplementation increases blood intracellular NAD levels and improves physical strength and overall health in healthy middle-aged and older men and women.”

Study Design

  • Randomized
  • Multicenter
  • Double-blind,
  • Placebo-controlled
  • 80 male and female subjects between 40-65
  • 60-day duration
  • Daily oral dosing of placebo, 300mg, 600mg, and 900mg NMN


Evaluate the anti-aging effect of NMN with in healthy adults by measuring:

  • Blood cellular NAD concentration,
  • Six-minute walking test, and
  • SF-36 questionnaire at baseline, midpoint, and end of the study (day 60)

Assess the safety and tolerability of NMN supplementation by:

  • Physical exam
  • Assessment of adverse events
  • Lab tests


470% Increase in NAD

Blood intracellular NAD levels were found statistically significantly increased among all NMN treated groups (300mg, 600mg, and 900mg) at both day 30 and day 60 when compared to both placebo and baseline:

  • 151% increase in NAD levels with 300mg/day (30 days)
  • 390% increase in NAD levels with 600mg/day (30 days)
  • 312% increase of in NAD levels with 900mg/day (30 days)


  • 175% increase of in NAD levels with 300mg/day (60 days)
  • 470% increase of in NAD levels with 600mg/day (60 days)
  • 364% increase of in NAD levels with 900mg/day (60 days)

This study used a different method for measuring NAD+ than most others, and the % increase should not be compared to other studies –  only for comparision between groups.

The most relevant finding is that 900 mg/day did not lead to a larger increase than 600 mg/day, which conflicts with prior studies.

50% improvement in distance walked in 6 minutes

Participants receiving all 3 dosages saw significant improvement in the distance walked over 6 minutes, which is a widely used assessment of strength and endurance (r).

The biggest increase was noted in the group receiving 600 mg NMN per day.

  • 289 to 435 meters with 600mg/day for 60 days
  • 324 to 330 meters with placebo for 60 days

*Note – All groups recorded lower than expected distances walked for healthy subjects when compared to reference studies (r) which should be questioned in peer review and explained before publishing.

15% improvement in well beingThe SF-36 questionnaire used is a globally recognized method to assess a person’s general wellbeing (r).

Significant increases in wellbeing assessments were shown in all the groups who took NMN versus placebo.  Once again, 900 Mg per day showed no improvement vs 600 Mg per day.

  • 10.3% with 300Mg per day for 60 days
  • 15.9% with 600Mg per day for 60 days
  • 15.1% with 900Mg per day for 60 days

26% Improvement in Biological Age over Placebo

Biological age of each trial participant were measured by using Aging.Ai 3.0 model with permission Insilico medicine (r). This tests uses19 clinical lab blood test parameters.

  • 13.9% with placebo per day for 60 days
  • 3.5% with 300Mg per day for 60 days
  • -2.5% with 600Mg per day for 60 days
  • 2.2% with 900Mg per day for 60 days

All treated groups at day 60 were found statistically significantly improved when compared to placebo, however this is misleading as the placebo group showed a 13.9% increase over 60 days, which does not appear to make sense, and will surely be questioned in peer review.

Again, results for those taking 600 Mg per day were the best, and perhaps the only group that was significantly positive when you ignore the very questionable results in Placebo group.


No adverse events were found to be related to NMN treatment.

None of the lab tests showed abnormal changes when compared with the results at day 60 vs baseline or placebo.


According to the authors:

“We now have solid research in humans that NMN supplementation has a positive impact on human health and aging.”