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Large Variation Between Individuals in Response to NMN Supplementation

“Because of the high interindividual variability of the NADΔ after NMN supplementation, monitoring NAD concentration can provide valuable insights for tailoring personalized dosage regimens and optimizing NMN utilization.”

NMN (250 mg/day) Improves Sleep and Walking Speed in Older Adults

“These results indicate that NMN intake could increase blood NAD + levels, maintain walking speed, and improve sleep quality in older adults.”

Neuroprotective Effects of NAD+ Nasal Spray

"Compared to traditional routes, the nasal administration of drugs can direct the rapid CNS absorption to brain tissues, thereby circumventing the hepatic first-pass metabolism and gastric degradation and allowing fast onset of pharmacological action."

NAD+ Injections Guard Against Heart Failure in Rats and Beagles

“This study, involving rat and beagle MI-induced HF models, indicated that NAD+ significantly improves myocardial hypertrophy and cardiac function, inhibits myocardial fibrosis, and reduces the myocardial infarction rate.”

Higher NMN levels in breast milk linked to better neurodevelopment in offspring

“NMN had the highest concentrations in breast milk among the NAD-related substances. We demonstrated, for the first time, a positive relationship between NMN concentrations in breast milk and the neurodevelopmental outcome of a child.”