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The Comprehensive Effects of Berberine for Metabolic Health

Berberine is a bioactive compound found in many plants, including goldenseal, Oregon grape, and barberry. It has been recognized for its health benefits for centuries, with its earliest known therapeutic use dating back to A.D. 200.  Today, Berberine continues to be an exciting focus of health and wellness research, with many studies investigating its potential for maintaining metabolic health.

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) in Pain Relief, Gut Health, and Neuroprotection

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is a natural compound that your body produces in response to various forms of cellular damage. Its primary role is to promote homeostasis, which is the body’s ability to maintain a stable and balanced internal environment for optimal functioning and overall wellness. 

Study Shows NR Protects the Intestine From Damage Caused by Excessive Alcohol Intake

NR Preserved Intestinal Lining Integrity During Excessive Alcohol Intake

“In particular, the intestine, as the main organ of ethanol absorption, is susceptible to serious injury from excess drinking.”

When mice were given alcohol without NR supplementation, it led to higher levels of intestinal contents entering their bloodstream, suggesting damage to the intestinal lining.

NAD Precursors Cycle Between Host Tissues and the Gut Microbiome

Thus, circulating host NAM enters the gut lumen and is used by the microbiome for both NAD and NA synthesis.

Thus, gut microbiota provide an alternative route from NAM to NAD, bypassing the salvage synthesis pathway, in intestine and liver

Orally delivered NR was found in the GI tract but not in other peripheral tissues, indicating rapid metabolism of NR before it enters the circulation (Figure S4A). Only a small fraction of NAD in the liver and small intestine was M+9, indicating minimal direct assimilation of NR

Bacteria in Gastrointestional Tract Metabolize NMN and Impact NAD+ Metabolome

This recently published research by Drs. Lindsay Wu, David Sinclair and others examined the pathways that oral NMN takes to becoming NAD+ in mice. It confirmed some aspects of earlier research, and also made some surprising new findings. Several experiments were completed that all measured NAD+ metabolites in the Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT) and Liver, […]

Scientists discover SLC12a8 pathway used by NMN to restore NAD+ levels

Yes, NMN can cross the cell membrane intact This research was just published that found an enzyme named Slc12a8 that can transport a small quantity of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) directly into some cells However, this enzyme is only prevalent in the small intestine of older, sicker animals and humans. The Slc12a8 enzyme was just discovered […]