NMN Reduced Cellular Aging and Improved Survivability in Mice

This study evaluated the effects of intraperitoneal (i.p.) injections of NMN on tumor-induced cellular aging, [...]

Green Tea Catechins Combat Signs of Aging in Mice

This study found that the continued administration of Green Tea Catechin (EGCG) improves the lifespan, [...]

Liposomes Improve Delivery and Efficacy of Skin Care Products

“This study shows that Liposomal Blend is a vehicle with the ability to enhance the [...]

Clinical Trial Fails to Find Significant Benefit of NR in Adults with MCI

This study showed that NR (1 g/day) for 10 weeks is safe in adults with [...]

Advancements in NAD+ Research

New research on NAD+ metabolism, NMN supplementation, and mitochondrial NAD+ levels was presented at the [...]

Efficacy and Safety of NAD+ Precursors in Clinical Trials

A recent systematic review evaluated ten studies with NAD+ precursors for efficacy and safety.

Deep Sleep May Protect Against Dementia

“These data from a community-based sample demonstrate that SWS percentage declines over time in adults [...]

NR Regulates the Cardiac Internal Clock of Aged Mice

Circadian rhythm is your body's internal clock that permits anticipation of daily patterns, regulating when [...]


NMN Restores Telemere Length

Telomeres are DNA present on the end of chromosomes. They tend to shorten in length as a person ages and are responsible for causing a range of conditions such as premature aging.

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Berberine vs Metformin

Both Metformin and Berberine are similar drugs exhibiting similar properties like controlling blood sugar levels, anti-aging effects, etc. But what are the differences?

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Heart Disease & DNA Damage

As we age, the risk for clogged arteries, brittle blood vessels, and heart failure increase. A recent study looking at the DNA in numerous individual heart cells tells the story of why this occurs.

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Why Sinclair takes NMN instead of NR

Dr. Sinclair recently said he takes NMN instead of NR based on research he did that found NR did not work at all, while NMN increased the endurance in older mice such that they were able to run twice as far as those on placebo.

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NMN triples NAD+ levels in humans

In a study by Dr. David Sinclair of Metrobiotech, NMN doses of 1,000 mg taken once daily doubled NAD+ levels and when taken twice daily, tripled NAD+ levels.

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