New Research with NMN by IV Shows Much Stronger Effect Than Oral Supplementation

There are now 12 studies published to date in humans with NMN supplementation.

The previous 11 studies used oral delivery of NMN capsules, and were generally quite positive.

This most recent study used a single dose of NMN by IV.

Researchers were surprised to find a 75% drop in triglycerides.

There haven’t been any previous human studies showing a significant reduction in triglycerides with oral NMN supplementation.

According to the study –
“No reduction in TG (triglyceride) levels was observed in previous clinical trials upon oral administration of NMN [9], suggesting that NMN may be metabolized via different pathways when administered orally and intravenously. This is thought to be caused by NMN being metabolized in cells throughout the body by avoiding the first passage through the liver via intravenous administration.”

This confirms that bypassing the GI tract by using IV to deliver NMN directly to the bloodstream has a dramatically different effect than oral supplementation.

Dozens of Studies in Mice Using IV or IP NMN or NR Show Benefits

In mice, there are many dozens of studies with NMN (and NR) by injection, either IV or IP.

Those studies ALWAYS show much more benefit, at much smaller dosages, than studies using oral NMN or NR, and without negative side effects.

Here’s one study in mice where 1 mg/kg by IP restored NAD+ levels to normal, increased energy expenditure, increased metabolism rate, decreased blood glucose levels, decreased cholesterol levels, and improved weight control. These results are far better at less than 10% the dosage of studies with oral NMN or NR.

However, injections are not convenient for everyday use, so researchers shifted to testing oral supplementation of NMN to create products that are more marketable.

Liposomes Closely Mimic Injections

Unfortunately, research shows that NMN (and NR) given in capsules that are not protected from digestion, are almost entirely digested to Nicotinamide (NAM) before reaching the bloodstream.

NAM can be converted to NAD+ in the bloodstream and does have positive effects on health, as the 11 previous human studies with NMN clearly show, but this study confirms that in humans, as in mice, bypassing the GI tract is preferable.

Liposome technology is advancing rapidly and is now becoming affordable enough to use in supplements.

Liposomes closely mimic injections by avoiding digestion & delivering the product intact to cell throughout the body.

Liposomal Delivery

There are dozens of studies demonstrating that liposomes can bypass the gut and deliver 90% or more of their payload to the bloodstream.

Delivery methods that avoid digestion and deliver the product intact to cells throughout the body are needed to realize the potential of NMN and other NAD+ Boosters.

We believe that liposomal delivery most closely mimics IV injection of NMN, as liposomes protect NAD+ metabolites from digestion and degradation in the stomach, liver, and bloodstream.

Advantages of Liposomal Delivery –

  • Protect the payload from digestion in the stomach
  • Increases circulating time (not filtered out by the liver)
  • Increases uptake by tissues throughout the body
  • Prevents excessive buildup of NAM which can be harmful

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