Recent Research on Resveratrol Shows Potential Anti-Aging Benefits

New Research Shows Resveratrol Can Help Prevent Muscle Loss & Senescence in Mice

Resveratrol is a heavily studied anti-aging polyphenol packed with health benefits. To date, the compound has been shown to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-senescence effects.

A recent study has shown that Resveratrol can prevent muscle atrophy and senescence in mice.

The study was conducted on mice for 28 weeks and they were split into two groups.

One group was treated with Resveratrol, while the other was treated with a saline solution (placebo).

After 4 weeks, the Resveratrol-treated group experienced noticeable improvements.

Treatment with resveratrol inhibits CSE-induced senescence in C2C12 cells.

Anti-Aging Benefits for The Resveratrol Group

The mice that were treated with Resveratrol experienced a series of benefits.

  • Resveratrol prevented muscle atrophy in mice. This could decrease their frailty and extend healthspan.
  • Resveratrol also reduced senescence in mice. In the study, the Resveratrol group saw reduced senescence-related protein expression, as well as less senescent cells in general.
  • The Resveratrol-Treated Group Saw Less Inflammation. This is believed to be a response to reduced muscle atrophy and senescence.

“These results indicated that RSV (Resveratrol) ameliorates CS-induced skeletal muscle atrophy and senescence by upregulating HDAC2 and suppressing inflammation.” (1)

Resveratrol – The Accelerator Pedal For Sirtuins

Resveratrol is often referred to as the accelerator pedal for sirtuins – genes that protect your cells as you age.

In this way, Resveratrol increases the body’s defenses against aging. And this is because sirtuins play a key role in protecting you from stress, inflammation and the ravages of aging.

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