Study Shows NR Protects the Intestine From Damage Caused by Excessive Alcohol Intake

A recent study investigated the effectiveness of NR supplementation in preventing or treating damage to the intestinal lining caused by alcohol over-consumption in mice.

Key Points:

NR protected mice from alcohol-induced damage to the intestinal lining in several ways:  

  • NR preserved intestinal lining integrity  
  • NR prevented an alcohol-associated decline in NAD+ levels 
  • NR maintained energy balance required for intestinal cell health

A Mouse Model of Chronic and Binge Alcohol Feeding was Used to Evaluate the Effects of NR Supplementation on Alcohol-Induced Intestinal Barrier Damage

The mice were divided into three groups: control group (CTRL), alcohol group (EtOH) and alcohol plus NR supplementation group (EtOH + NR).

Mice in the alcohol groups were subjected to an alcohol-containing diet for 10 days, followed by a single dose of alcohol, while the control group accepted a standard liquid diet.

In the group given alcohol and NR, supplementation with NR was administered at a dosage of 400 mg/kg·bw every day.


NR Preserved Intestinal Lining Integrity During Excessive Alcohol Intake

“In particular, the intestine, as the main organ of ethanol absorption, is susceptible to serious injury from excess drinking.”

When mice were given alcohol without NR supplementation, it led to higher levels of intestinal contents entering their bloodstream, suggesting damage to the intestinal lining.

However, when mice were given alcohol and NR, their intestinal lining was protected, and there was no increase in the amount of intestinal contents entering the bloodstream.

NR Prevented Alcohol-Associated Decline in NAD+ Levels

NR supplementation effectively boosted NAD+ levels in the intestine of mice.


Chart: Excessive alcohol consumption lowered intestinal NAD+ levels (EtOH group), but NR supplementation prevented this effect and led to increased NAD+ levels (EtOH + NR group).

NR Maintained Energy Balance Required for Intestinal Cell Health

“The maintenance of the intestinal epithelial barrier requires large amounts of energy.” 

Alcohol disrupted the energy balance in the intestine necessary for normal cellular activities.

NR supplementation in mice consuming alcohol returned the energy balance in the intestine to a level comparable to the control group who did not consume alcohol.


This study showed that NR supplementation protected against the harmful effects of alcohol on the intestinal lining. NR prevented alcohol-induced intestinal lining damage by maintaining NAD+ levels and energy balance.

“Our data widens the view of the protective effects of boosting of NAD on intestinal functions.”