Coenzyme Q10 and Migraine Relief

Research has shown that migraines are linked to inflammation. 

A clinical trial examined Coenzyme Q10’s (CoQ10’s) effects on episodic migraines in women, finding significant reductions in migraine frequency, duration, severity. CoQ10 also reduced the levels of TNF-ɑ and CGRP, a peptide linked to migraines that promotes inflammation and pain signaling. 

A meta-analysis of five studies concluded that CoQ10 supplementation is more effective than a placebo in reducing migraine occurrence and duration in both children and adults.

“The results support the use of CoQ10 as a potent therapeutic agent with respect to migraine duration and migraine days/month.” (Zeng et al., 2018)

These findings were corroborated in a subsequent meta-analysis of six clinical trials that showed CoQ supplemented as a preventative measure was effective for reducing the duration and frequency of migraines.