Liposomes Improve Delivery and Efficacy of Skin Care Products

This study compared the efficacy of a skin serum in liposomal and non-liposomal formulations on facial skin aging.

Key Points

The Liposomal Blend had significant benefits compared to the Non-Liposomal Blend:

  • Enhanced visual assessment of skin
  • Improved skin firmness and elasticity
  • Higher levels of collagen

“This study shows that Liposomal Blend is a vehicle with the ability to enhance the anti-aging properties of the ingredients within the facial serum by facilitating its delivery into the underlying layers of the skin.”

Study Compares Liposomal and Standard Skin Serum Formulations 

A 24-week study involving 123 female participants evaluated the effects of an anti-aging serum in a Liposomal Blend compared to a Non-Liposomal blend. The participants were divided into two groups:

  • Group A (n = 63): Received facial serum with Liposomal Blend
  • Group B (n= 60): Received facial serum without Liposomal Blend

Participants were instructed to apply the serum twice daily for a period of 24 weeks.

All participants were assessed at week 0 (baseline), 2, 4, 8, and 12, while a subgroup of participants were evaluated through week 24.

The following tools were used to assess skin aging:

  • Visual Analog Scale – quantification of subjective skin characteristics, assessed in clinical evaluation
  • Cutometer – Firmness and elasticity of skin
  • SIAscope – Facial skin melanin and collagen content
  • Clarity Pro – Skin aging characteristics; visualization of the skin’s condition on and beneath the facial skin surface

Liposomal Blend Enhanced Clinical Visual Assessment of Skin

Trained evaluators assessed the facial skin of participants at week 0, 2, 4, 8, 12, and 24 of the study, and found the Liposomal Blend showed significant improvements compared to the Non-Liposomal blend:

  • Week 4: Skin clarity was improved
  • Weeks 8 and 12: Skin texture/smoothness was better
  • Week 24: Texture/smoothness, radiance/luminosity, skin tone, lifting, complexion health, and clarity was improved

The figure below shows the skin texture/smoothness score for the Liposomal Blend (red line) was significantly higher than the Non-Liposomal blend (blue line) at weeks 8, 12, and 24.

Skin Firmness and Elasticity was Significantly Better with Liposomal Blend

The Cutometer skin analysis showed the Liposomal Blend was significantly more effective in improving firmness and elasticity at week 24.

The figure below shows the group using the Liposomal Blend (blue line) showed significantly more elasticity than the group using the Non-Liposomal Blend (red line) at week 24.

“Participants that used the facial serum with Liposomal Blend was more firm and elastic in comparison to those that used the facial serum without Liposomal Blend.”

Analysis of the skin using the SIAscope instrument showed collagen levels in the Liposomal Blend group were significantly higher at week 24, which may have contributed to skin firmness.

Liposomal Blend Enhanced Wrinkle Improvements After 24 Weeks

The Non-Liposomal group showed significant improvements at week 8 (complexion health) and week 12 (complexion health and wrinkle width).

By week 24, the Liposomal Blend showed superior improvements for wrinkle length, wrinkle width, and fine lines compared to the Non-Liposomal Blend.


This study showed the effects of an anti-aging serum significantly were significantly improved by liposomal encapsulation.

“Participants that used the facial serum with Liposomal Blend had significantly greater improvements in skin aging characteristics compared to those that used the facial serum without Liposomal Blend.”

“By using Liposomal Blend, practitioners and pharmacists could potentially improve the delivery of the ingredients within their formulations into the skin, which may lead to increased treatment efficacy.”

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