NMN and Resveratrol Work Synergistically to boost NAD+ in Heart and Skeletal Muscle

A new study shows that the combination of NMN and Resveratrol works synergistically to increase NAD+ levels in both heart and skeletal muscle tissues in mice.

Combination treatments shown to boost efficacy

It is becoming more common to treat age-related diseases with anti-aging cocktails, including NAD+ or NMN to boost efficacy.  NMN has been shown to have wide ranging anti-aging effects on the vascular system, neurons, muscles, and joints.  Resveratrol is part of a group of compounds called polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants, supporting cellular energy, mitochondrial function, and activating the body’s self-repair enzymes called sirtuins.

NMN combined with Resveratrol nearly doubles NAD+ levels

The study showed that the combination of NMN and resveratrol was able to raise NAD+ levels in the heart by 1.6 times and in muscle tissue by 1.7 times.  The findings demonstrate the potential for combination treatments using NMN for cardiopulmonary diseases caused by decreased levels of NAD+.

“Our results showed that combination with resveratrol could effectively increase the levels of NAD+ in the heart and skeletal muscle compared with NMN alone” (1)


Effect of NMN Combo Treatments on Different Organs


Using combinations of compounds to fight diseases

There are numerous diseases that might be alleviated using combinations of NMN and other compounds. Fighting cardiovascular diseases with NMN and resveratrol might be an effective treatment. Musculoskeletal disorders like frailty in the elderly is another area that could show promise.

“Our study elucidates an insight into combination therapy for supplementing NAD+ in daily or NAD+ metabolic disorder levels, especially in cardiopulmonary failure diseases” (1)

One complication from the study was that the combination of NMN and resveratrol reduced NAD+ levels in the brain six hours after intake, so more studies are needed to find out how long this effect might last.



1 – Improvement of tissue-specific distribution and biotransformation potential of nicotinamide mononucleotide in combination with ginsenosides or resveratrol


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