Slc12a8 Does not Solve the Bioavailability Problem for NMN Capsules

This research was published in January 2019 that found an enzyme named Slc12a8 that can transport a small quantity of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) directly into some cells.

However, this enzyme is only prevalent in the small intestine of older, sicker animals and humans.

The Slc12a8 enzyme was just discovered because it plays a very minor role, and does not transport a large enough quantity of NMN to have been noticed earlier.

New Research Shows that Bacteria in Stomach Digest NMN

This 2020 study found most NMN never makes it to the liver, but is almost completely digested by bacteria in the stomach.

The yellow and red bars show NMN and NAD+ in the GIT are many times higher in mice given antibiotics (ABX) or NMN + Antibiotics (NMN + ABX).

This explains why regular NMN capsules perform so poorly compared to sublingual delivery of NMN, that can bypass the stomach and liver, to delivery NMN directly to the bloodstream.

New Product to Avoid Digestion by Bacteria and Maximize Uptake by SLC12a8

For maximum uptake via the SLC12a8 transporter

  • Delayed Release Capsules – Protects NMN from digestion by bacteria
  • Sodium Bicarbonate – Maximize absorption
  • TMG – Methyl Replacement
  • Zinc – Increased Immunity

Sublingual Delivery

You may also minimize the quantity of NAD+ or NMN that is digested by bacteria in the stomach and filtered out by the liver by taking it sublingually.

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