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NMN lowers Cholesterol, bodyweight, and blood pressure in 28 day trial with overweight older adults

A regimen of 1000 mg of MIB-626 twice daily was safe and efficacious

MIB-626 treatment was associated with a substantial increase in blood NAD level from baseline to days 14 and 28

Circulating NMN levels did not change significantly in either group…

Intravenous NMN Results in Massive Decrease in Blood Triglyceride Levels

Previous human clinical trials have shown that NAD+ levels can be safely and efficiently replenished by oral NMN supplementation. Until a recent study, however, the safety and efficacy of intravenous NMN had not been firmly established. Intravenous NMN shown to be safe and effective Using 10 healthy volunteers, results indicated that intravenous NMN is both […]