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NMN lowers Cholesterol, bodyweight, and blood pressure in 28 day trial with overweight older adults

A regimen of 1000 mg of MIB-626 twice daily was safe and efficacious

MIB-626 treatment was associated with a substantial increase in blood NAD level from baseline to days 14 and 28

Circulating NMN levels did not change significantly in either group…

The Science Behind Resveratrol: Metabolic Health Breakthroughs

The results showed that Resveratrol intake significantly lowered cholesterol and blood glucose levels (HbA1c, total cholesterol, LDL and HDL).

“These results suggest that Resveratrol (RSV) has a dramatic impact on regulating lipid and glucose metabolism, and the major clinical value of Resveratrol intake is for obese and diabetic patients.”

NAD Precursors Cycle Between Host Tissues and the Gut Microbiome

Thus, circulating host NAM enters the gut lumen and is used by the microbiome for both NAD and NA synthesis.

Thus, gut microbiota provide an alternative route from NAM to NAD, bypassing the salvage synthesis pathway, in intestine and liver

Orally delivered NR was found in the GI tract but not in other peripheral tissues, indicating rapid metabolism of NR before it enters the circulation (Figure S4A). Only a small fraction of NAD in the liver and small intestine was M+9, indicating minimal direct assimilation of NR

Does NR Cause Cancer? Response to A Recent Article

  A recent article in took some research out of context and wrote a review with a click-bait title that caused a lot of uproar as others repeated the faulty review. Here is the title of the original research: “A bioluminescent-based probe for in vivo non-invasive monitoring of nicotinamide riboside uptake reveals a link […]

New Research with NMN by IV Shows Much Stronger Effect Than Oral Supplementation

There are now 12 studies published to date in humans with NMN supplementation. The previous 11 studies used oral delivery of NMN capsules, and were generally quite positive. This most recent study used a single dose of NMN by IV. Researchers were surprised to find a 75% drop in triglycerides. There haven’t been any previous […]

Recent Research on Resveratrol Shows Potential Anti-Aging Benefits

New Research Shows Resveratrol Can Help Prevent Muscle Loss & Senescence in Mice Resveratrol is a heavily studied anti-aging polyphenol packed with health benefits. To date, the compound has been shown to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-senescence effects. A recent study has shown that Resveratrol can prevent muscle atrophy and senescence in mice. The study […]

Inhibition of CD38 Increases NAD+ Levels

CD38 Increases as We Age and Drives Down NAD+ Levels CD38 is an enzyme that responds to inflammation, and consumes NAD+. Researchers have long known that CD38 levels increase, and that NAD+ decreases as we age. A 2016 study found that the increased levels of CD38 are a primary driver of decreasing levels of NAD+ […]

NMN Triples NAD+ Levels in Humans

(Pencina et al., 2022 | The Journals of Gerontology) NMN doses of 1,000 mg taken once daily doubles NAD+ levels (middle graph). When taken twice daily, NMN triples NAD+ levels (right graph). Dr. David Sinclair is a co-founder of Metrobiotech, whose NMN product MIB-626 was used in this research published Feb 19 2022. MIB-626, an […]

Why Dr. Sinclair takes NMN instead of NR

There has been little, if any, head to head research published comparing Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) and Nicotinamide Riboside (NR). However, Dr. Sinclair recently said he takes NMN instead of NR based on research he did that found NR did not work at all, while NMN increased the endurance in older mice such that they were […]

Lower Inflammation to Raise NAD+

Restoring NAD+ levels is crucial to maximize health as we age. Many supplements that decrease systemic inflammation also have direct and indirect effect on NAD+ levels. Supplements to Restore NAD+ NAD+ and NAD+ precursor supplements Increase endogenous NAD+ production Decrease NAD+ consumption in the body NAD+ and NAD+ Precursors We offer the most complete range […]