Large Variation Between Individuals in Response to NMN Supplementation

“Because of the high interindividual variability of the NADΔ after NMN supplementation, monitoring NAD concentration [...]

NMN (250 mg/day) Improves Sleep and Walking Speed in Older Adults

“These results indicate that NMN intake could increase blood NAD + levels, maintain walking speed, and improve [...]

NMN and NR Alleviate Ovarian Aging in Rats

A recent study investigated the effects of NMN and NR on ovary health and function [...]

NMN Nanoparticles Outperform Free NMN for Anti-Aging in Mice

This study investigated the potential of NMN-loaded nanoparticles to prevent age-related decline in a model [...]

NAD+ Nanoparticle Injection Decreased Blood Vessel Damage In Rats

A new study found injection of NAD+ using a novel liposome-like nano-particle carrier reduced overgrowth [...]



NAD+ Supplements Regulate Energy Metabolism via the Hypothalamus

Exogenous nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide regulates energy metabolism via hypothalamic Connexin 43. This study shows that administration of 1 mg/kg of LABELED NAD+ crosses the blood brain barrier to enter the hypothalamus INTACT, increases NAD+ levels, reduces hunger and weight gain, and increases energy expenditure and fat burning in mice. This study shows that increased NAD+ […]

Exogenous NAD+ Increases Metabolism

Effects of Chronic NAD Supplementation on Energy Metabolism and Diurnal Rhythm in Obese Mice In a study published in 2018, scientists gave obese mice 1 mg/kg of NAD+ by inter peritoneal injection for 4 weeks, which  restored NAD+ levels in the hypothalamus to normal levels. 1 The hypothalamus is the master regulator of metabolism.  Decreased levels […]

NAD+ for Metabolism and Brain, NMN for the body?

Researchers use supplementation with NMN, NR and NAD⁺ to restore levels of NAD⁺ in mice, making them look and behave like they did when young and extending their lifespan.

Although they have similar effect in some organs, there may be differences in the effect they have in other tissues throughout the body.